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Emergency Prayers for Marriage Restoration (Paperback)


This book is an emergency marriage book to help rescue your marriage from the spirit of divorce and separation. It contains urgent prayers and Biblical wisdom used to reverse the course of divorce and separation in your marriage.


This book will teach you how to fight aggressively through fasting, prayers and the word of God to shut the gate of divorce and separation and prevent it from destroying your marriage and family.


Before you give up on your marriage, read this book and see if God through, the Holy Spirit, will not turn your situations around for the better in your marriage and family. Your Marriage shall be restored speedily in Jesus name. Have faith in God.


Prayers in this Book:


Prayers for repentance


Prayers for salvation of spouse


Prayers against witchcraft attacks


Prayers against divorce gates


Prayers against marine demons


Prayers against Altars


Prayers against household wickedness


Prayers against love spells


Prayers against destructive addition


Prayers for restoration





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